10 Proven Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

At a time of year that is a bit chilly, when the holidays are over, and spring seems so far away, a sense of the “blues” can set in. Here are ten ways that numerous studies have concluded will help you feel more cheerful and hopefully put you on your way to a happier winter!

1. Try something new. It sparks new brain waves and can leave you feeling accomplished.

2. Spend money on others. Psychologists conclude that the happiest people are the biggest givers, no matter what they earn.

3. Expose yourself to the color blue. Interestingly enough, the color blue reduces stress and boosts happiness.

4. Stop trying to defend your point of view. Maintain neutrality around others who hold differing views (be it politics or otherwise). Psychologists have found that defending our point of view against those who disagree causes unnecessary amounts of stress. Save the debates for the most important matters.

5. Sleep! People who get at least six hours of sleep at night are less stressed and healthier.

6. Go to church. People who go to church are more satisfied with their lives, happier, and less stressed about their future.

7. Keep your commute to 20 minutes or fewer. Long commutes impact health, happiness, stress levels, and relationships.

8. Nurture a strong relationship with your spouse. Those who held strong, committed relationships with their partners were less stressed and happier.

9. Fake it. Smiling can cause you to feel happy feelings, even if you weren’t before.

10. Maintain friendships. People with solid friendships report happier, more satisfied lives.

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