3 ways to keep your Westminster gums healthy

3 ways to keep your Westminster gums healthy

brushing, flossing ,dental hygiene, keep gum disease away, westminster dentistGum disease can happen to anyone, and it is more common than you may know. In fact, periodontitis, the most advanced form of gum disease, affects about 75% of Americans over the age of 30 and is still the leading cause of adult tooth loss in this country. Fortunately, there are three ways you can keep your gums healthy and avoid the unpleasant symptoms that accompany this infection.

1. Twice daily cleaning

  • The American Dental Association recommends a twice-daily cleaning routine as follows:
    Using a fluoride toothpaste, brush with a soft, rounded bristle toothbrush. Harder bristles can damage tooth enamel and gums.
  • Place the brush at a 45 degree angle to your gum line and clean 2-3 teeth at a time in a rolling, back and forth motion. It should take you a total of two minutes to thoroughly clean all of your teeth.
  • Remember to brush odor-causing bacteria from your tongue in a back-to-front direction as well.
  • Floss between teeth to get any remaining plaque or bacteria hiding beneath the gum line.
  • Use an antibacterial mouthwash to get rid of additional bacteria in the mouth.

2. Quit smoking

Smoking not only causes bad breath, but it also causes plaque and tartar to build-up on your teeth and increases your risk for gum disease. Additionally, tobacco destroys healthy gum tissue and the bones that support your teeth. Since smoking sometimes hides signs of gum disease, gingivitis may worsen before you are aware of it. Quitting may reverse some symptoms, but it will not cure it, so it is important to see your Westminster dentist for treatment.

3. Regular dental check-ups

Seeing your Westminster dentist every six months for routine cleaning and care is an important factor for maintaining healthy gums. In addition to removing hard-to-reach plaque and tartar so that it doesn’t cause bigger problems down the road, your dentist can find issues, like cavities or early symptoms of gum disease, in the early stages and resolve them before they have the opportunity to cause significant or irreversible damage.

Start caring for your gums today

Schedule a complimentary consultation and find out more about maintaining a good oral hygiene routine. Then schedule your six month routine check-up today, so you can keep your gums and teeth healthy for all your tomorrows.

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