6 Tips for Eating Healthy While Traveling

Often people complain of the extra pounds gained while on a cruise or other vacation where the desserts and french fries abound. Part of the fun of traveling can be trying out fun, local fare, and taking a break from preparing your own meals, but I think most would agree that they would prefer not to gain weight while enjoying a trip, for business or for pleasure. We’ve compiled several tips from nutritionists and our own experience on how to eat as healthy as possible while traveling.

1. Pack some healthy options.

If you are traveling by plane, pack a lunch or dinner for the trip. The airport options are generally loaded with fat and calories, and often the food sold on the plane is expensive and unappetizing. Pack some nuts, sunflower seeds, string cheese, or yogurt to bring along on your trip for healthy snacks or a light breakfast. You’ll save money, and avoid trips to the vending machine or local doughnut shop.

2. Avoid fast food chains.

It may be tempting because they are familiar and quick, but avoiding fast food while traveling can help keep you on track with your healthy eating. You also can check out some local foods and other options that you may not have at home.

3. Split the dessert.

You should still have fun on vacation and allow yourself a little chance to indulge. If there is a dessert or higher calorie menu item you really want, split it with a friend or spouse.

4. Stay hydrated.

Drink plenty of water. This will prevent jet lag, and exhaustion, as well as unnecessary snack attacks. Often when you are dehydrated, you may think you are hungry instead.

5. Eat breakfast.

When traveling, it is tempting to rush out the door without eating breakfast in order to make it to the beach or other attraction. Eating breakfast can jump-start your metabolism and prevent overeating at lunchtime, so if you are short on time, stock your room with healthy, on-the-go breakfast items.

6. Eat smart while eating out.

Avoid entrees with cream sauces, as well as ones that advertise that they are fried or battered. Stick to vinaigrette dressings instead of cream-based. Try a lean meat such as fish or poultry, and always try to include a vegetable or two as a side dish. For dessert, look for a fresh fruit option. If you have a smart phone, there are many apps that give you the ability to look up the nutrition information for many restaurants around the globe.


We hope you have a restful, healthy, and safe vacation season!

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