A How-To For Minor Dental Issues

As always, a disclaimer: If you are in serious dental pain, please call our office (410-876-2096), or go to your closest urgent care or emergency room if need be. These tips are for minor pains, not dental emergencies. If the pain persists, call us, and always let your dentist know of any dental issues you may have, regardless of how small.

We have compiled a list of common dental problems and some easy solutions to get you through until they have resolved themselves, or until you come in to see us.

Bitten tongue, cheek, etc.: Rinse gently with cold water. If swelling, control with an ice pack. If it continues to bleed, apply pressure with gauze or a clean wash cloth.

Canker Sore: Keep it clean by rinsing with salt water and regular brushing. Avoid hot, spicy, or acidic foods (citrus fruits especially). Pain medication can be taken as necessary. If needed, call us for an assessment, especially if the sore persists. Some over-the-counter canker sore mouth washes can help with the pain and healing.

Loose Baby Tooth: Encourage your child to


wiggle it out, by moving it carefully back and forth. Be sure movements are slow, and no hard tugging.

Baby Teething Pains: Wet the corner of a clean washcloth and freeze it. Allow baby to chew on the frozen washcloth. Some mild infant pain relievers or over-the-counter teething remedies can work, but consult your child’s pediatrician for what is recommended, and be careful to follow the dosage instructions.

Wisdom Tooth Pain: Pain relievers can help, as well as a cool compress. Keep the area clean by brushing. Call us immediately for an assessment if the area begins to swell or the pain becomes persistent.

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