Advantages of dental implants

Are you on the fence about choosing dental implants as a solution for your smile?  Below are some key advantages to implants, especially when facing the choice between implants vs. dentures.

  • Appearance– Implants don’t slip or slide out of place. They become a permanent part of your smile and stay put.
  • Ease in eating—  Dental implants act as your real teeth so you can enjoy your favorite foods.
  • Ease of care— Implants are easy to care for (see our post on caring for your implants for more information).
  • Permanence— Dentures are removable, which can cause embarrassment and discomfort. Your smile will look natural, and your teeth will function just as they did before tooth loss with implants.
  • Durability-– Implants can last your lifetime if they are well cared for.


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