The Age of Anticipation

the little things

Have you ever refused to purchase the latest technology (cell phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) because you are


that the update or upgrade is going to “get out all the kinks” or be faster/smaller/sleeker than the original?

When watching a movie, do you continue to anticipate the next scene without even processing the one currently happening?

When you accomplish a goal, do you stop and celebrate your success or forge ahead toward the bigger, better, or loftier next step?

We are a society that does not dwell in the past, or even in the present. We are in a constant

state of anticipation

, which most of us would say is healthy; it is hopeful. There are great things to be said about looking toward the future, and constantly striving to make tomorrow better than today. But with everything there is a balance. Don’t become restless and constantly looking toward the next “big thing.” Allow time in your life for reflection. Be in the present. Be content. As you look forward to all that the new year brings, be sure to allow time to look forward, but also to remain right where you are at.

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