All Smiles Care celebrates 30 years!

30 years ago (February 1986), Dr. Gary Imm purchased a dental practice from Maria Gilligan from Dr. Malcolm Gilligan, DDS on Goni Terrace in Westminster. Dr. Imm began seeing patients in April 1986 while still teaching at University of Maryland Dental School. Grace, Dr. Gilligan’s receptionist, stayed on as both the dental assistant and receptionist, earning her title “Amazing Grace”! The practice began with two chairs, with the addition of a third once the lab was moved into the basement of the practice. Guests were able to enjoy Mrs. Gilligan’s beautiful gardens while they visited, which has continued as Dr. Imm has worked to keep the view of All Smiles inviting and beautiful to look at in its new home on Baltimore Blvd.

Our team loves to learn together! At the Las Vegas Dental Institute
Our team loves to learn together! At the Las Vegas Dental Institute
The Amazing Grace and her husband Richard


In 1997, Dr. Imm purchased a former antique shop/home via an auction on Baltimore Blvd. (Maryland 140 in Westminster).



This allowed the practice to see more guests at a time, accommodate parking needs, and become more visible in Westminster.

Some of our original crew- who do you recognize?!


We have a fantastic team, many of whom have been with us from the very beginning or close to it!

We have thoroughly enjoyed serving our community in our first 30 years in practice, and are forever grateful for the support of our guests.

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