Are you a New Year’s “Resolutioner”?

About 45% of Americans make new year’s resolutions. What about you–do you make goals or reevaluate life in the days before beginning a new year? Not surprisingly, many people make similar goals for their new year. Here are the top ten most common New Year’s resolutions. Read through and see if any of yours make the list!

1. Spend more time with friends and family– This is the most common resolution, and seems fitting after many people enjoy holidays surrounded by the important people in the lives–and are prompted to make this a priority.

2. Become more fit.– This would explain the mass influx of new members at your gym on January 2nd. The key for this one is to keep it up past February!

3. Lose weight.– Similar to the fitness goal, many Americans vow to lose some extra pounds over the next year. When tackling this resolution, it is important to make gradual, realistic goals if you want to stick to it.

4. Stop smoking.–It seems that many people use January 1 as a jumping off point to tackle their smoking habit.

5. Enjoy life.– Many people vow to take more vacations, be more present at home, or just enjoy their life more in the new year.

6. Get rid of debt.– Another common resolution is to live a more debt-free life.

7. Learn something new.– Some people vow to learn a new language or skill, and others take it to more of an extreme through a career change or beginning a new degree. Either way, many people want to improve themselves by adding a new skill or improving upon one they already have.

8. Volunteer.– Altruism is often at full-force in January, and people often look for different ways to help others. We think it is never a bad time to begin helping out!

9. Quit drinking.– After the holidays, many vow to stop drinking. Just like weight loss, it is better to start off gradually if you want lasting changes, and if you think you have a serious drinking problem, be sure to enlist some professional support.

10. Get organized. –Often new purchases or house guests prompt people to desire to simplify and organize their homes or offices.

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