ASDC Team Profile: Amanda


Amanda Imm



Job Title:

Dental Hygienist (RDH,BS)

How did you choose your profession

? I chose my profession long ago when I used to stock gauze for $3 a day and play in the back of Dr Imm’s office when I was a little girl. I love that I am able to help people better their health.

What is your favorite thing about your job?

I enjoy getting to know each guest and make their experience at All Smiles something special that they will enjoy coming back for again and again. It’s very rewarding when a nervous guest comes into All Smiles and eventually gets to the point where they may not enjoy coming to the dentist, but enjoy coming to All Smiles. I even had someone the other day who used to hate coming ask to come more often!


: Hiking, baking, trying new restaurants, Dean’s Faculty clinical professor at University of Maryland Dental School, Maryland Dental Hygienist’s Association Secretary,  and at the moment, wedding planning is quite consuming of my time, Crossfit enthusiast

What makes you smile?

my crazy dogs

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