Back to School: Time Management Tips


Everyone can relate to a jam packed schedule and a to-do list just won’t get done. As school goes back into session, things get even crazier with more traffic, back to school nights, and increased activities. Even if you are unaffected by the back-t0-school season, we’d like to offer some time management tips to help you feel less stressed by your work and home responsibilities. Successful time management can help you accomplish more, and in turn can help bring down stress levels, which has so many positive effects on your health and quality of life.

The first step to effective time management is to know where your time is going. Take a couple of days to record your schedule, what times you are most effective, and where you are wasting your time. Once you have done that, use these simple tips to help you tackle the necessary tasks, and get rid of the ones that don’t matter.

1. Plan your day. Even if your day seems so busy that taking ten minutes to write a list is too much, this will help you prioritize and get started on the right foot.

2. Delegate tasks that do not have to be done by you.

3. Just say no. If you are already overwhelmed, it is better to turn down more responsibilities than to drop the ball later.

4. Break large tasks down into smaller tasks to make them more manageable. Don’t have time to clean the entire garage? Start with one shelf.

5. Prevent distractions while working. Designate times throughout the day where you will check your email and cell phone instead of allowing emails and phone calls to constantly interrupt you throughout your day (easier said than done!).

6. Take a break. Sometimes a short walk around the office, or a quick step outside to get the mail is enough to re-energize you for the remainder of your task.

7. Use the 10 minute rule. Many time management experts recommend that you designate 10 minutes in your day toward tackling an undesired task (that one task you have been putting off for months!). You may find after 10 minutes that you are able to finish it, or at least you have it started!

8. Make sleep and regular exercise a priority. When you are overwhelmed, these are often the first to go, but getting enough sleep and activity will help you be more productive and fend off the mid-day slump where all you need is a nap.


Do you have any tried and true secrets to managing your time wisely? If so, comment below–we’d love to hear them!

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