Baltimore dentist talks about a dental implant

Restore your smile with a dental implant


When you look in the mirror and smile, do you find yourself missing something? Do you tend to daydream of the full set of pearly whites you once had? You don’t have to dream any more! There is a solution in retaining the confidence you once had. Dental implants are specifically designed to be reliable, as well as giving you a natural-looking smile.

In a healthy tooth, when chewing, the root sends a signal to the jaw bone, signaling stimulation. If you are missing any teeth, these signals are no longer properly effective. When this happens the area may start to recede, and healthy teeth no longer want to stay put, in turn causing your teeth to shift. When it comes to conventional bridges compared to dental implants, bridge procedures include filing down teeth that are adjacent to the missing tooth; with implants the only area touched is the space receiving the dental implant.

Health risks due to missing teeth

There is more to missing teeth than just “missing teeth”. Besides hiding your smile in public, or perhaps smiling for a picture, there are health problems you may not be aware of. One of the more traumatic consequences from not having implants, when having previously lost teeth, would be facial collapse and bone atrophy. This is unfortunate, and can surprisingly change the shape of your face.

Premature aging is also a possibility due to bone loss. Over time when a tooth is lost or extracted, the jaw bone starts to dwindle from lack of stimulating the bone where the natural tooth once resided. Thankfully the world we live in is booming with technology, while providing us with adequate dentistry solutions. When choosing dental implants, stimulation will once again be transmitted to the bone triggering chewing forces, as well as “bone remolding.”

Making the right choice

Deciding not to replace missing teeth or failing teeth with dental implants only causes more problems such as, existing teeth weakening, infections, gum disease, decay, and fractures. When choosing dental implants, you most definitely will find yourself with the confidant smile you once had. Check in with your  Baltimore dentist or download my free e-book “Cosmetic Dentistry is for Everyone” to find out more.

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