Westminster dentist offers CPAP alternatives

Provent could be the CPAP alternative you’ve been looking for

provent-how-it-worksIf you have sleep apnea, you may have been prescribed a CPAP machine to help you breathe better. However the machine is often found to be disruptive. Do you have a hard time sleeping because of a CPAP machine? Does using one make it more difficult for you to fall asleep or stay asleep? Do you wish that you could find a better solution or find an alternative to using a CPAP machine? If you do, you are definitely not alone. There are many people who are looking for a viable alternative to using a CPAP machine. Fortunately, alternatives are available.

What’s wrong with CPAP?

There are a number of problems with using CPAP. While it is necessary to use a CPAP machine for many people, many others find it virtually impossible to use the machine effectively because it is so restrictive. It may prevent you from having sleep apnea symptoms, but it often replaces those symptoms with similar ones as a result of being unable to sleep while using the CPAP. In fact, the machine is so restrictive that many people who suffer from sleep apnea have made a conscious decision not to use it, even though it is capable of saving their lives.

Sleep safe and sound with no noisy machines

Fortunately, there is another solution that is available. Provent is a relatively new treatment that is designed specifically to provide the same relief that a CPAP machine would provide without using any of the restrictive measures. Instead, Provent is something that you place on the exterior of your nose that is designed to gently pull the nasal passages open and allow you to breathe more freely. Instead of forcing air through your nose, it simply opens the passages and allows them to do the work that they were designed to do. Provent is not in any way restrictive and it allows you to sleep in virtually any position and to do everything that you would normally do without the use of a CPAP machine.

Find out of Provent is for you

If you have been experiencing problems with your CPAP machine and find that it is simply too restrictive to allow you to get the good night’s sleep that you deserve, contact a dentist in Baltimore/Westminster in order to find out if Provent is something that might work for you. You may be surprised at the results and at simplicity of Provent. If you have any questions about Provent, please ask me today and I’ll reply by tomorrow. If you have any Provent stories that might be of interest to readers, please post them.

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