Westminster dentist describes the symptoms of TMJ ear pain

ear-pain2What causes ear pain?

Do you suffer from ringing in the ears? Do you experience vertigo or dizziness? Do you suffer from a number of earaches? If so, you may have an undiagnosed TMJ disorder. TMJ is caused by a malfunctioning temporomandibular (TMJ) joint, creating a host of problems ranging from jaw clicking to pain in the neck, head, face, ears, and shoulders.

Many people don’t understand how a misaligned jaw can cause so many seemingly unrelated pain issues, but it’s due to the pressure over tired muscles put on nerves as they strain to move the jaw joint properly.

How does TMJ develop?

There are a number of ways that TMJ can develop, such as:

  • Osteo- or Rhumatoid arthritis in the jaw joint
  • a jaw injury
  • missing or damaged teeth
  • an underdeveloped jaw
  • teeth clenching or grinding while sleeping

Any of these situations can cause your jaw to become misaligned.  When that happens, your jaw muscles struggle to move the joint properly, resulting in tight, tired, strained muscles that ache or put pressure on the nerves that run through them, sending face, jaw, head or ear pain signals you your brain.

Get TMJ relief at your Westminster dentist

A dentist in Baltimore/Westminster who is trained in neuromuscular dentistry is able to properly diagnose and treat your TMJ. It starts with a consultation where the dentist will evaluate your jaw and teeth, and, depending on his or her findings, discuss a number of TMJ treatment options such as:

  • Relaxing tight muscles through massage, chiropractic care or a TENS machine.
  • Orthotics that can change the position of your jaw or protect your teeth from nighttime grinding.
  • Replacing or restoring missing or damaged teeth.
  • In rare cases, surgery

Find out if TMJ is causing your ear pain

If you have consistent pain in the ear, take my on-line TMJ questionnaire.  I’ll review it and get back to you with a free, no-obligations diagnostic recommendation. It’s your first step in finding out what could be at the root of your ear pain

Please feel free to share your personal story and the symptoms you deal with on a daily basis here. We’d like to hear your story and how long you’ve been dealing with the condition or symptoms. You can also ask a question to learn more about TMJ and the many treatment options available.

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