Westminster dentist explains the health benefits of straight teeh

What are the  health benefits of straight teeth?


Have you ever wondered what the health benefits of straight teeth really are?

Perhaps you recognize the benefits of having teeth that look great, but have you ever thought about all of the benefits that are included from a health perspective? 

10 benefits of having straight teeth

  1. When your teeth are straight, you are able to chew and speak more efficiently. If you think about it, it is easy to understand why it is so difficult to chew efficiently if your teeth are uneven because large gaps are created. This can make it especially difficult to handle food. Furthermore, gaps that are created by uneven teeth can make it difficult to speak properly.
  2. When your teeth are straight, your teeth and gums are healthier than they would be if you fail to address issues with uneven teeth.
  3. You may be able to prevent other health problems with properly aligned teeth. It has been proven that many physical problems actually start with orthodontic problems. Failing to properly care for your teeth can lead to gum disease and infections which may then cause other health problems elsewhere in the body.
  4. Teeth that are straight are less prone to decay. Uneven teeth are perfect for the accumulation of plaque. This in turn can lead to advanced tooth decay prematurely.
  5. Protruding teeth are more easily injured. They may be broken from something as simple as clenching your jaw while you are sleeping. They can also easily be injured if there is any type of an accident that causes an impact.
  6. It is safe to say that orthodontic problems do not go away. When problems with the teeth are not addressed properly, it often leads to gum disease, tooth loss and even the loss of bone within the jaw as it is eroded away.
  7. Problems with uneven teeth can cause headaches and pain in the jaw or in other parts of the face. When your teeth are uneven it often causes uncomfortable pressure points within the jaw which may then cause additional problems.
  8. It is often less expensive to deal with orthodontic problems earlier rather than later. By failing to address the problem adequately as soon as it becomes apparent, you run the risk of doing additional damage which then requires additional procedures to correct. This can make the process much more lengthy and can also make it more expensive.
  9. When your teeth are straight it gives you a great smile. After all, who wouldn’t want to have a great smile that gets everybody’s attention?
  10. When you have a great smile, you have more confidence and your self esteem is much improved.

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