Westminster dentist talks about jaw locking when yawning

TMJ could be the cause of your jaw locking when yawning

jaw-pain-man-yawningDo you have pain in or near your jaw or even in your ear when you yawn? Do you find your jaw locking when yawning? If you are experiencing these problems, you may be suffering from temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ. This disorder occurs when the joints in your jaw don’t function properly, causing the surrounding muscles and nerves to become strained, inflamed or irritated nerve endings. Symptoms of a TMJ disorder range from headaches or migraines, to a painful jaw, aching neck, shoulder or facial muscles, or jaw clicking, popping or locking. Not only is the disorder painful, it can be debilitating without proper treatment. Fortunately, effective treatment is available if you know where to look.

How TMJ can literally “lock you up”

TMJ originates from a number of different problems, but the underlying cause of of painful TMJ symptoms is an unbalanced bite. Whether your bite is unbalanced due to genetics, an injury, missing or damaged teeth or teeth grinding caused by stress, as the condition worsens the your jaw joints can become so inflamed your jaw can lock in place, making it impossible to fully open or close your mouth. If your jaw locks when you yawn, it’s a strong indicator that you are suffering from TMJ.

Gently jimmy your jaw with TMJ treatment

It is completely unnecessary for you to continue living with the pain and the debilitating conditions that results from TMJ. There are effective treatments that are available. If you have tried treatments in the past that have not work for you, it is important to continue searching until you find treatment options that work. Because TMJ is caused by a problem with your bite, your dentist can often help you find the relief you are looking for.

Find out more

Your dentist can provide you with effective treatment for TMJ that can eliminate the symptoms through a variety of different treatments and tools that are designed specifically to realign your jaw and eliminate the pressure that is being placed on it inadvertently. If you would like to know more about TMJ, download my free e-book, “Do I have TMJ”. By understanding more about the causes, symptoms and treatments of TMJ, you’ll be well on your way back to healthy living.

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