Westminster dentist talks about painful dentistry and how to avoid it

Worried about painful dentistry? Find relief for your anxiety by using NuCalm

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Are you afraid of going to the dentist? Do you feel your level of anxiety going through the roof whenever someone mentions a visit to the dentist? Have you tried unsuccessfully to deal with this problem, only to find that the methods that you have attempted are not effective? If you can identify with someone in this situation you may want to try something that is completely new.
An innovative procedure that is being used to effectively control anxiety and reduce levels of pain is called NuCalm. NuCalm is an all natural procedure that is accomplished in four simple steps.

Pain-free procedures

In this day and age, painful dentistry should not exist. Regardless of the procedure, the technology exists to reduce your level of pain to a point that is negligible. The same can be said for your level of anxiety.

While there are a number of ways to effectively accomplish this, most of them involve using powerful painkillers or anti anxiety medications. Sometimes it involves putting patients under with anesthesia. Many people do not want to have these types of drugs in their bodies for a dental procedure. If you are one of those people, you may be able to benefit from NuCalm.

Four easy steps to no worries dentistry

When you visit a dentist that uses the NuCalm procedure, there are four things that you have the opportunity to experience before your dental procedure begins. These four steps are crucial to helping you relax and reducing the level of pain that you experience.
  1. First, you will be given chewable supplements that are all natural which are designed specifically to counteract the effects of adrenaline and help you remain calm throughout the procedure.
  2. Technicians will also place special patches behind each ear which are designed to stimulate a calming effect upon your body and block many of the nerve signals that make you feel pain and anxiety.
  3. You will also be given headphones that are designed to cancel noise while simultaneously allowing you to listen to music that is designed specifically to help you remain calm.
  4. Finally, your dentist will outfit you with shades that cancel out much of the light that is often responsible for stimulating your brain and making you more acutely aware of both pain and anxiety.


Once all of the steps have been completed and you are fully relaxed, your dental procedure can begin. This procedure has been found to be extremely effective and it is vitally important for patients who suffer from anxiety, yet do not want to use drugs in order to control their level of fear. If you have any questions about NuCalm, ask me today and I’ll reply by tomorrow.

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