Westminster dentist Dr Gary Imm explains the top 4 snoring causes

Wonder Why You Snore? Learn the Top 4 Snoring Causes


Have you ever wondered why you snore? Have you ever wondered if your snoring is indicative of something more serious? You may be surprised to learn that there are only four main snoring causes and that if you do have a problem with snoring, it can likely be attributed to one of these four issues.

1. Your anatomy

One of the most common causes of snoring is the anatomy of your mouth. That may sound strange, but the way that your mouth is made may predispose you to a snoring condition. For example, having a soft palate that is exceptionally thick or having an elongated uvula can make it much easier for you to have a problem with snoring because it partially blocks your airway while you sleep. Furthermore, your anatomy inside your mouth changes if you are overweight. Essentially, much of the area that should be reserved for air to flow freely through your airway becomes obstructed due to excess tissue. This also makes it much more likely that you will suffer from snoring.

 2. Alcohol consumption

If you have a tendency to drink alcohol, it is best that you do not consume it immediately before you go to sleep. Alcohol essentially acts as a muscle relaxer and due to that fact, the muscles inside your throat often have a tendency to relax when you drink alcohol. Therefore, drinking alcohol and then falling asleep can result in the tissues inside your throat partially occluding your airway. This makes it more difficult to breathe and often causes you to snore.

 3. Nasal problems

You may also have a problem with snoring if you suffer from a deviated septum. Chronic nasal problems can cause you to snore because it is more difficult to breathe easily. Furthermore, people who suffer from conditions that result in frequent nasal congestion, such as chronic sinus problems, are often much more predisposed to snoring because it forces you to breathe through your mouth and opens you up to many of the issues that can occlude your airway. It also makes breathing in general much more difficult.

 4. Sleep apnea

Finally, one of the most serious causes of snoring is sleep apnea. This often starts out as a less serious condition that occurs when your airway becomes partially blocked due to many of the reasons that have been discussed herein. However, conditions that are not addressed early on can escalate to sleep apnea, which is a common pause in breathing that is repeated several times during sleep. This can cause many more serious health conditions and should be treated immediately.

 Why are you snoring?

If you suffer from snoring, you may want to consider if any of these conditions are causing the problem. It will help you be better able to find an effective way to treat it. The most important thing to remember is that you should not ignore the problem until it gets worse. Both your Westminster dentist and your doctor can help advise you on effective snoring treatments.

If you think sleep apnea could be what’s causing your snoring, take my sleep/snoring questionnaire and I’ll reply with a free, no-obligations diagnostic recommendation.

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