Westminster dentist says, “get your dental makeover at home”

Considering a dental makeover? Here’s why you should shop local.


In a struggling economy with poor health care plans available, it has increasingly become more common for many people to resort to dental tourism, which involves traveling to another country or location for cheaper dental prices. The option is often an attractive one due to the low rates on dental care for the same types of services. Although many people consider this the only way to afford a dental makeover, there is actually more risk involved that can cost a significant amount in the long run to both your finances and health.

What could go wrong?

One of the most common risks with dental tourism is post treatment complications that can occur, including infections, broken crowns, or damaged nerves. Follow-up care will require even more money to return to the location, making it more of a health and financial risk in the long run. Any x-rays or dental records are also difficult to access when they’re held by a dentist in another country. Consulting with a dentist in Baltimore/Westminster is a safer option for such a significant health need.

Hygiene is also a concern when traveling to other countries for dental work, as it can be difficult to asses the sanitary conditions before arriving or checking the license of the practice. Different laws can be more lenient for offices that are not up to par and are able to get away with more mistakes.

Malpractice insurance are two words many people do not enjoy thinking of, but is a common reality that must be faced when traveling for dental work. It can be difficult to discover if a dentist has authentic malpractice insurance, which is essential should a mistake occur during the procedure or surgery. If a dentist is without the insurance, the practice’s mistakes could be in your own hands without any responsibility on the dentist.

Many counties also do not have professional associations like the ADA for accountability of each practice that is currently operating.

 Choose the safest place

Although receiving dental work in another country may look like a smaller price tag initially, it ultimately is not worth the amount of risk that is involved, which can damage both personal health and a financial situation that is likely already strained. Whether needing a tooth extraction or opting for a dental makeover, by finding a dentist in Baltimore/Westminster who can provide professional service in a safe and clean environment , you’ll avoid unnecessary risk and ensure that you’re protected.

Need more information?

Affordable dentistry can be a challenge.  If you would like to know more about dental fees and how to plan ahead for oral health protection, download my free e-book, “Are Dentists Charging Too Much”.  If you have any questions or comments, or if you have any stories to share, please post them here.





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