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TMJ treatments for 2014

tmj treatment baltimore/westminsterHave you recently been diagnosed with Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, more commonly known as TMJ? Are you a long-time sufferer from this disorder who is greatly looking forward to some relief from the debilitating headaches, as well as the neck, jaw and back pain? Are you a little frustrated because your dentist doesn’t provide the TMJ treatment you need? Are you also a little confused about TMJ treatment options?

It is true that not every dentist is able to provide the specialized treatment you need, but there are qualified dentists in Baltimore/Westminster who offer total TMJ care. As for TMJ treatments, let us try to demystify some of the many options available today.

Your TMJ treatment options

Treatment for TMJ can be both simple and complex.

  • Anti-inflammatory medications and muscle relaxants usually help to reduce pain, inflammation and muscle spasms.
  • An ongoing care plan may combine medication with alternating ice and heat packs, a temporary diet of soft foods to help your jaw relax, concentrating on keeping your teeth apart when you are not eating and practicing better posture.
  • Additional options may include physical therapy and biofeedback to assist in better stress management.
  • Custom-fitted splints and mouth guards are sometimes prescribed to wear at night. These appliances are used to keep teeth apart, which also inhibits jaw clenching and grinding of teeth. This helps to protect both the cartilage and joints from further damage.
  • In more severe cases an anterior positioning appliance may be used to reposition the jaw properly over time.
  • Very rarely the misalignment may be severe enough that surgery is needed.

Get the benefits of proper treatment

Treatment for TMJ is beneficial because it will give you relief from the daily pain and suffering of your TMJ symptoms. It also will prevent any further damage to your jaw, disc joints, cartilage and teeth.

Where can you learn more?

Download our free e-book about TMJ Disorder to learn more about the symptoms and treatment you can expect from your dentist in Baltimore/Westminster. A lifetime of suffering and worsening damage to your temporomandibular joint is a thing of the past. Take the first step, and start to feel better today.

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