Baskets of Hope

A few months back, during a meeting with the All Smiles team, we were talking about what charity to help this spring.  That is when this idea developed.  We thought: “wouldn’t it be great if we could see new life happen in people this spring?”  It is so great to see new life happen to trees, flowers, and grass all around us during this season, but are there not lives that need new life also?

Because of this conversation, our team decided to support the charity New Life for Girls.  The organization is located just a couple minutes away from All Smiles Dental Care.  New Life for Girls takes girls that want to get away from negative environments (drug abuse, physical abuse, etc.) and helps them start new lives.  They do this through a one year program which gives the women positive a positive environment to live in.

We will be supporting New Life for Girls through creation of baskets around Easter time.  Patients and staff are welcome to buy essential items these women need and we will be creating a basket for each woman using these items.  We are calling the charity Baskets of Hope.

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