Calcium and your teeth

Calcium is important to all of your bones-including your teeth!

A calcium deficiency can cause muscle cramps, lethargy, and more severely, osteoporosis. Usually we think of osteoporosis as affecting larger bones, but it can also lead to tooth loss. Studies show that those with osteoporosis are three times more likely to experience tooth loss. Once the jawbone becomes weak, the teeth can become unstable.

Tooth loss can be a serious issue, and let’s face it– no one wants to go through life with missing teeth. Beefing up your calcium intake can benefit your energy levels, health, and your smile. Adults need 1,000 mg a day . This is equivalent to 3 cups of milk, 5 cups of spinach or other dark leafy greens, , 2.5 cups of almonds, 2 cans of salmon, 5 cups of white beans, or 1 cup of tofu. Mix and match these sources of calcium, and choose calcium fortified foods if you are having trouble meeting your quota (orange juice and cereal are two products that come fortified with extra calcium).

Remember, if you are dealing with tooth loss, you don’t have to give up your smile! Visit us for information on options for natural looking tooth replacement.

About the author

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