Can a toothache cause a stuffy nose?

If you often get sinus infections and can’t pinpoint the cause, it may be time to visit your dentist. A tooth infection (or abscess) can cause a sinus infection because of their close proximity to one set of your sinuses (the maxillary sinus). Your body has many sinuses, but this particular set is close to the roots of your upper teeth. An infection can travel into your sinuses, causing typical sinus issues such as a runny nose or a sinus headache.

Usually, a tooth infection is painful and won’t go unnoticed, however there are some cases where you may be unaware an infection is there, lending the infection the time to travel into your sinus cavity. If you have chronic sinus issues, it is worth mentioning to your dentist, and be sure to call at the first sign of tooth pain to stop any infections before they spread.

Interestingly enough, because of their close proximity, a sinus infection can also feel like a toothache.

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