Can the appearance of the tongue diagnose other medical issues?

We recently came across this article about the appearance of the tongue and what it can mean for other health issues. While some of the points may lean on the side of holistic or spiritual health, some of the points may be valid for the every day person concerned about their oral health.

According to the article:

  • White foam coating the tongue can indicate an issue with the colon
  • Teeth marks on the side of the tongue can indicate poor nutrient absorption
  • Overall white or yellow coating can indicate built up toxicity in the body

Take the article with a grain of salt, but it does bring up valid points about examining the appearance of your tongue and gums in order to determine the health of your mouth and other areas of the body. If your tongue appears coated or discolored, bring it up to your dentist at your next appointment. Remember to care for your tongue just as you do your teeth–brush twice a day, which not only promotes oral health but can drastically diminish bad breath.

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