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Suffering from chronic pain? Find out how to get an accurate TMJ diagnosis If you have chronic pain including headaches, shoulder pain, neck pain or other symptoms, you may have heard that TMJ disorder can be the cause. A good first step in finding relief from chronic or un-diagnosed pain is to determine if you have TMJ...
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How can a problem with your jaw cause headaches and migraines? Sometimes it can be difficult to know the difference between normal headaches and migraines. Determining the cause of the pain can help to find an appropriate treatment that will eliminate the pain rather than just cover it up. Doctors sometimes overlook a common cause...
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What’s the buzz? Are you ears ringing, congested or painful?  Here you are, living and your ears are giving your problems. As much as you know something isn’t right, your doctor has never found a problem. You explain your symptoms, the doctor shines a light, explores your inner ears and exclaims –“nothing appears to be...
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Snap, crackle, pop … in your jaw? Whenever you use something repetitively, wear and tear is inevitable. This same fact holds true for your teeth. Think about that for a moment! You use your jaw each and every day. Day-in-day-out your jaw is working every time you talk, breathe, kiss, eat, drink, swallow, laugh, yawn… You...
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Facial pain can be more than miserable, Westminster Dentist Dr. Gary Imm can help Face pain can plague you in a variety of ways; However your face pain presents itself, it can be agony. What causes TMJ facial pain? TMJ affects all the muscles in the vicinity of your jaw, particularly those in your head,...
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