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Dental surgeons performing an oral surgery
Instances Where Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is Needed Sometimes, going to the dentist means more than getting a routine checkup. In those instances, you may need a specialty service that requires the assistance of an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. While All Smiles Care does not currently have an oral surgeon on staff, we are able...
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A man suffering from TMJ jaw pain.
Why You Should Consider TMJ Dentistry TMJ is an abbreviation for the temporomandibular joint of your body. In layman’s terms, TMJ is the joint where your corners or your jaw meet with the rest of your skull. Everyone has two of them, one on each side of the mouth, and they work together to perform...
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Suffering from chronic pain? Find out how to get an accurate TMJ diagnosis If you have chronic pain including headaches, shoulder pain, neck pain or other symptoms, you may have heard that TMJ disorder can be the cause. A good first step in finding relief from chronic or un-diagnosed pain is to determine if you have TMJ...
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When you live in pain, well that simply isn’t living at all Your reality is not what you imagined for yourself. Your reality is something you would like to escape. Your reality is a life is filled with TMJ pain. A constant mind and body-numbing pain that makes it impossible for you to enjoy most things....
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Migraines and headaches are just a way of life …. aren’t they? You have been living with constant headaches for so long now, it’s just become a way of life. In fact, it’s been so long since you haven’t had a headache you simply can’t remember what life was like before. This way of living...
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What exactly is a TMJ? You have probably heard the term thrown around and you may have heard it used to describe a number of different scenarios. But are you able to define exactly what your TMJ is? Or are you baffled about TMJ? In terms of your jaw joint and the symptoms, causes and...
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