Change is Good Series: Dental Implants

It’s a new year! There is something about a fresh calendar year that prompts us to seek out ways to better ourselves through new opportunities, wellness, health, and friendships. If your smile is something causing you embarrassment or discomfort, this blog series is for you. Over the next couple of months, we will be featuring several treatments that can change the way you feel about your smile, because sometimes, change is good!

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70% of adults ages 35-44 have lost at least one tooth due to gum disease. Add in sports injuries and other various tooth issues, many people are missing teeth that may cause them to feel self conscious about their appearance, not to mention the impact on eating and speaking. Up until about 50 years ago, toothlessness was a problem fixed through materials to mimic teeth (porcelain or plastic), replacement with gold teeth, or no teeth at all!

Change is good!

Dentists are now able to treat tooth loss through minimally invasive dental implants (MIDI). Dentists trained in MIDI can treat tooth loss in as little as one appointment. Guests are able to avoid long periods without teeth, stitches, and long healing times. Dental implants can look, feel, and function just like a natural tooth! With the help of a skilled dentist, the natural contours of your face can be restored, favorite foods enjoyed, and you can once again smile with confidence.

At All Smiles, we consistently train our staff to remain up to date on the safest and best solutions to our guests–for all treatments, implants included. We recently travelled to Oregon to train in the newest implant solutions to offer more cost effective and successful solutions for our guests with dental implant needs.

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