Chipped teeth in Baltimore/Westminster

Things about chipped teeth you may not have known


Chipped teeth are one of the most common dental injuries treated in dental offices. Fortunately, chips are relatively easy to repair if you seek treatment quickly. If you choose to ignore the chip, you could end up facing bigger problems.

A chipped tooth could expose nerves causing extreme pain

Eating becomes difficult and painful with chipped teeth. Avoiding foods that are painful to eat can lead to health issues over caused from eating an unbalanced diet. On top of that, depending on the severity of the chip, food particles may lodge in the crevice leading to decay. Decay can affect the neighboring teeth, magnifying the problem and causing further damage. This can lead to extensive damage, pain and high repair costs. 

Chipped teeth can discolor over time

A chipped tooth by itself is a smile killer, but, what’s worse, a severe chip can damage the outer and inner components of your tooth. When this happens, your tooth eventually begins to die which is what causes the discoloring. Fortunately, today’s technology allows dental professionals to repair broken and chipped teeth easily, with little to no pain.

You have choices when if comes to fixing a chipped tooth!

You have many option available including, crowns to cover and protect the damaged tooth or teeth, veneers or dental bonding to cover the front of your tooth, and porcelain fillings designed to match natural tooth color. Any of these options prove successful in preserving the integrity of chipped teeth and prevent further decay from occurring.

Find out more

Don’t put off repairing a damaged tooth. If you have any questions or concerns about your options to repair your discolored or chipped teeth, please ask and I’ll reply by tomorrow. Rejuvenate your smile before further damage and decay occurs.

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