Could baby teeth be saved for stem cells?

Recent research suggests that the stem cells in children’s baby teeth could be harvested and used to treat spinal cord injuries, MS, and other conditions. Similar to cord blood, this new technology could be used to save children’s lives as it is developed. Currently, scientists don’t know enough about the uses tooth stem cells could have, and there are no clinical uses for them at this time– however, dental researchers feel hopeful that in the years to come they will be able to use the stem cells the same way cord blood can be used.

Some parents are banking on this. Store-a-Tooth bank harvests stem cells from baby teeth and wisdom teeth and store them in the correct atmosphere in case they are able to be used. Teeth are removed by the child’s dentist and packaged in a kit to be sent to the Store-a-Tooth lab. Many dentists are excited and hopeful that these stem cells could open up a new avenue for healing of very serious of childhood diseases. Parents of children with health issues are willing to pay the money to store stem cells on the chance that they could be used.


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