Could your daily beverage be causing enamel erosion?

Soda always gets a bad rap for staining teeth and causing enamel erosion, so most people are aware that when indulging in a soda, they are not doing their mouth a favor. However, some unlikely beverage culprits are doing some serious damage to our teeth, and while we aren’t suggesting that you avoid them completely, it is good to be aware of to healthfulness of your choices.

Dentists studied several popular beverage selections by simulating about 13 years of consumption (of normal amounts–about 1 a day or so). Most of us drink our favorite beverages at least that often. They then compiled a ranked list of the beverages that contributed the most to tooth enamel erosion to the least. Each beverage did do some significant damage, but some were definitely worse than others.

The list is as follows:

1. lemonade

2. energy drinks

3. sports drinks

4. fitness water

5. iced tea

6. soda

Surprisingly, soda ranked last, and some of the “healthier” choices were doing the most erosion. This is not to say that you should be drinking soda, but we hope it causes you to take a look at the ingredients and sugar content of the drinks you are choosing. If you do choose to continue drinking energy drinks or vitamin water, drink it through a straw or finish it more quickly to do minimal damage to your teeth. Prolonged exposure to sugars and acids does the most damage to your teeth.

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