Dangers of missing teeth in Westminster

3 dangers of missing teeth in Westminster

Missing Teeth , Westminster DentistWhen people dress up in costumes and blacken out a tooth or two, it is thought to be funny, but if you are someone who actually has lost one or more teeth, it is no laughing matter. How your smile looks and how you feel about it is very important, but it is not the only issue. Here are three oral health dangers that can occur as a result of missing teeth.

1. Plaque build-up

When you lose one or more teeth, other nearby teeth begin to drift and become crooked. Misaligned teeth are more vulnerable to a build-up of plaque simply because they are harder to reach and properly clean. This increases your risk for further tooth decay and gum disease.

2. Loss of facial support

Another problem that occur as your teeth continue to move and shift is that you begin to lose the natural foundation that supports your cheeks. This can cause your face to sag or sink in and make you look older than your years, but more than that, the shape and contours of your face begin to change. This may sound minor initially, but it can make you looks years older than you really are.

3 Bad bite

Probably the biggest issue that results from teeth shifting into the open space is a misaligned or bad bite. As your teeth shift and move, they no longer fit together properly when you close your jaw. This frequently leads to chronic bruxism, or teeth grinding, in an effort to try to make your teeth fit properly again.

As you continue to grind your teeth together, they become worn down and may chip or crack. Additionally, the constant action of grinding your teeth places an increased amount of pressure on your temporomandibular joints. Overtime, this can lead to a TMJ disorder.

What should you do if you have missing teeth?

The best solution is to arrange for a consultation with your dentist to discuss how you can replace your missing teeth with dental implants. make sure your dentist has cosmetic dentistry training and is qualified to guide you in choosing the best missing tooth replacement options for your situation, so you can continue to protect your teeth, your health and your smile.

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