Dental exams can help prevent serious health issues

In addition to preventing dental health issues and checking for cavities and gum disease, regular dental exams can detect several serious health issues to prevent further complications and get early treatment. By maintaining your regular 6 month appointments, your dentist can also let you know about any signs of other health conditions.

Dental exams can detect:

1. Diabetes– signs include increased gingivitis and plaque, as well as persistent bad breath

2. oral cancer– warning signs include bleeding sores, lumps, and thick, hard spots. See our oral cancer self exam for more information on how to detect this disease early on.

3. eating disorders– Dentists look out for tooth erosion, ultra-sensitive or discolored gums, and swollen salivary glands. These can all be signs of an eating disorder. If found, a dental health professional can prove to be a valuable resource in finding the right kind of help and treatment.

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