Dental Health Linked to Overall Health

As discussed in Flossing 101 (March 2010), your dental health can have serious impact on your general health. This is especially important to understand in an era where  older adults are keeping their teeth much longer. Tooth and gum disease increase your risk for heart disease, strokes, and diabetes. Early prevention is key, but the risk of periodontal disease definitely increases as we age. Many recent studies are linking dental health with overall health, especially as we age. It is so important to maintain your healthy smile and screen for serious periodontal disease regularly.

Poor dental health also impacts the good things in life–eating, talking, and socializing. Being proud of your smile will cause you to use it more often!  Keep in mind the importance of your smile and make it a priority through regular dental visits, daily flossing, and frequent brushing. Consider these actions an investment in your overall well-being. Prevent disease early on–don’t wait until there is a problem! Your smile is worth it.

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