Every smile has a story (photo session)

One of the best parts of working at All Smiles Dental Care is to get to know the people that come in, and to see their lives changed by the work that we do. It really gives meaning to everything that happens in the office. It is easy to say that, but to see it before your eyes is another thing all together.

That is why we periodically take a day to talk to some of our recent guests, get their experiences at our practice, and to capture some images that help us tell their stories.The images on our website and the testimonials you read come from these special days.

A few weeks back, we had one of these sessions. Throughout the day a lot of beautiful smiles came through our door! Looking at the images from this photo session reminds me of something. Behind each one of these smiles is a story. Every one of the individuals came to All Smiles Dental Care for a different reason, but they all had a story to tell after the process to a beautiful new smile was over.

So, let me ask you: what story is your story? Is it still waiting to be told?

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