Facebook Series Part 2: What you should never reveal on facebook

There are certain things for your own safety or job security that you should never reveal on a social networking site. Some may seem like common sense but many people have become increasingly comfortable with sharing (and over-sharing) on Facebook.

1. Never confess anything– Whether it be illegal behavior, complaints about your job or coworkers, or comments about things you did or didn’t do at work– don’t share! Employers are becoming more savvy in the use of social media, and have increasingly used comments their employees have made as grounds for firing. Even if your boss cannot view your profile, a friend or acquaintance may be your friend and share that information to your superior.

2. Engaging in risky behavior– Insurance companies are currently developing ways to calculate your rates based on risk analysis data revealed on social media. It is rare currently, but should become more prevalent in the future.

3. Vacation plans– Don’t reveal the exact dates you will be away. If that information falls in the hands of the wrong person, you could be an easy target for a robbery.

4. Home address– This should be obvious. Check your privacy settings and be discriminating about your friends if you must share this on your profile. Or better yet– don’t post it.

5. Your birth date and place– This information can be used by identity thieves to reveal some, if not all, the numerals in your social security number. A popular status game circulated where this information should be posted directly in your status, making it simple for identity thieves to gather much of the data they need.

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