Facebook Series Part 3: Facebook and Your Job

This concludes our series on social networking, and our tips on using it responsibly. This final post outlines a couple of ways to be sure using Facebook does not interfere with success in your career.

1.If you wouldn’t say it at work, don’t say it on Facebook.

This includes comments about gender, race, religion, your boss’s new (terrible) hair-do, comments and complaints about customers, etc. Even if little comments may not get you fired, they will stick in your boss’s mind if there comes a time for cut-backs or lay-offs.

2. It’s all about quantity…

Of status updates, that is. If you are updating your status hourly (or more…), this sends a strong signal to your coworkers and superiors that you are not work-focused while on the job. Even if Facebook is an allowed site at your place of employment, use it sparingly, if at all.

3. Watch out for the paparazzi!

Most everyone has a camera on their phone, and most people can upload a snapshot to the Internet with a simple click of a button. This means that anything you do in your spare time, including a crazy night out or a bachelor party you’d rather forget, can be documented on your Facebook profile even if you don’t post a thing. Prevent photos tagged of you by others from showing up on your profile (and your boss’s newsfeed!)  by editing your privacy settings to allow “only me” to view photos tagged of me by others.

4. Keep your job search private.

If you are currently employed, yet looking elsewhere for new opportunities, watch what you post online. Obviously don’t post a status update asking for good luck on your new job interview, but also avoid friend-ing multiple people from the new company you are interested in. This sends a red flag to your current company that you may be looking around. If you are using Facebook to network for your new job, be discreet, and try to use private messaging rather than wall posts.

We want to know what you think– have you encountered any positive or negative situations at work due to Facebook? Has anyone you know gotten fired for using Facebook irresponsibly?

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