Foods to Promote Oral Health

We came across this great list of foods to promote your oral health and beautiful smile (originally here) and we wanted to share:

  • nuts and seeds (sesame, sunflower, etc.)– scrub away plaque
  • cheese– neutralizes some of the acidity in your mouth
  • onion– reduces the risk of bacteria that causes tooth decay, but this benefit is only if you eat them raw (be sure to brush after!)
  • salmon–boosts high doses of vitamin D and calcium
  • broccoli– provides iron
  • pineapple– breaks down plaque and acts as a natural stain remover
  • carrots– provide vitamin A, necessary for healthy tooth enamel
  • basil and shiitake mushrooms inhibit bacteria growth

Hope you are able to incorporate some of these nutritious foods into your diet to improve your oral health!


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