Fruit Juice Can Be Major Culprit in Children’s Tooth Issues

Many cavities and decay in young children are rooted in the frequent consumption of fruit and smoothie beverages. Even though fruit juice is certainly healthier than soda, the acidity and high sugar content can lead to serious dental problems when consumed on a regular basis. About 25% of children consume fruit juice beverages on a daily basis. Fruit juices can often contain the same amount of sugar as 2-3 donuts, or a package of candy. Even fruit juices containing only natural sugars can stick to your teeth and contain sugar in higher concentration than a piece of fruit. The act of chewing a piece of fruit can actually help remove the sugar from your teeth, and often the flesh of the fruit cause it not to stick on your teeth’s enamel.

Bottom line: Limit fruit juices, even the healthier ones, in your children’s diet to an occasional treat, if at all. To get those healthy vitamins in fruit, encourage your children to consume whole fruits by introducing in fun and interesting ways.

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