Get a Healthy Start to Back-to-School: Lunches

As you head back-to-school, keep in mind what kind of food you are fueling your kids with to keep them going through their last half of the day. Numerous studies show the importance of nutrition and its role in academic success. A good lunch (and healthy breakfast) can give kids the energy they need to stay focused during the school day.

Here are a couple of tips and links to give you some fresh ideas for the new year:

  • Get kids involved in shopping for items for their lunchboxes.
  • Chicken, tuna, and egg salads can pack a lot of protein, which is great for a mid-day slump. Go light on the mayo, or sub in plain Greek yogurt instead
  • Try whole wheat bread, pitas, bagels, or sandwich thins to keep sandwiches interesting.
  • Make vegetables appetizing with fun dips such as low-fat ranch, hummus, or peanut butter.
  • Use a thermos to pack favorite soups and leftovers and keep them warm until lunchtime.
  • Use a cookie cutter to create fun sandwich shapes
  • Instead of sweets or candy, try fun packs of applesauce, fresh fruit, nuts, yogurt, or baked potato chips as snacks.
  • Sit down with the school lunch menu at the beginning of the week, and decide with your children the days that they would like to buy lunch.

Helpful links:

Good Housekeeping’s 30 ideas for school lunches Healthy Lunch ideas

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