Gum Disease in Westminster

3 things you didn’t know about gum disease in Westminster

Westminster dentsit, gum diseaseIt’s important to take care of your teeth. You need to brush and floss daily, ensuring that you keep your teeth clean. Making regular appointments with the dentist is key as well in order to ensure that your pearly whites will keep on shining. However, you need to pay equal attention to your gums. Your oral health westminster md

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oral health carroll county westminster md

is essential for your overall well-being. Pay attention to three things you might not know about gum disease so you can avoid health problems in the future.

1. Gum disease can sneak up on you

If you aren’t diligent about maintaining good oral health, you could  become the victim of gum disease. Whether you know it or not, your mouth is filled with bacteria on a daily basis. In addition to bacteria, you often have mucous and food debris. This nasty combination accumulates on your teeth, forming plaque. although you can’t see it, plaque sticks to your teeth. If it isn’t removed, it eventually forms tartar which is a hardened substance that cannot be removed with the tools you have at home. Only a professional cleaning  can resolve tartar issues. If you fail to keep on top of plaque and tartar, you’re opening the door to gum disease. Bleeding gums are a first indicator that you have a problem.

2. Gum disease can lead to bigger problems

The first stage of gum disease is gingivitis. Bacteria accumulates in the mouth when it is not removed with proper, oral hygiene. As a result, the gums become irritated and inflamed. They often start to swell and bleeding is common. This condition usually can be treated with proper hygiene. However, if left unattended, periodontitis is the next stage of gum disease. At this point, the gums actually begin to pull away from the teeth. They then form pockets. These pockets can soon be teeming with bacteria and infection. As they worsen, oral health deteriorates. The infection eventually eats away at the bones, causing tooth loss.

3. More than your oral health is at stake

Current research suggests that those with severe gum disease are at a greater risk for other health complications. You could be more prone to diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease, and heart disease.

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If you would like to learn more about gum disease and how to prevent it, schedule a consultation with your Westminster dentist to evaluate your teeth. Be proactive and hold gum disease at bay. Your smile and your body will thank you.

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