Halloween doesn’t have to be frightening for your kids’ health this year!

Last year we highlighted the best and worst candies for your teeth in light of the Halloween season. This year we have some tips to minimize excessive candy consumption as well as prevent major dental issues such as pulling out orthodontic gear.

1. Most importantly (and not just for health reasons), go through your kid’s candy before allowing them to eat it. Remove anything with wrappers that are not in tact, as well as homemade goodies and candy so sticky (taffy, and other very chewy treats) that it may pull out orthodontic gear or sealants. If your child has braces, also remove popcorn, gum, and hard candies.

2. Remember the longer candy remains on the teeth, the worse it is. Don’t allow your kids to linger over their candy, and of course, encourage proper brushing and flossing afterwards.

3. Put Halloween candy away and use as an after-dinner treat or dessert. Don’t allow kids to hoard the candy in their rooms. This may cause overeating,  or if they have forgotten about it, candy that hardens and becomes even worse for your teeth.

4. Make a deal with your kids and swap candy for gum (sugar free of course), or money. Allow them the option of turning in their treats for an extra privilege or small toy that they really want instead.

5. Do your neighbors a favor and don’t hand out the worst of the treats yourself! Hand out stickers, pencils, or other small party favors instead.

Have a fun and safe Halloween!

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