Healthy Habits of Happy People


About half of our ability to feel happy and positive is hereditary (just part of our disposition that we are born with). The good news is the other half is up to us! Below are seven habits that happy people tend to have–and with good reason! Begin some of these today and take charge of your own happiness.

1. Express gratitude.

Don’t just keep a gratitude journal for yourself, although focusing on being thankful for what you have is certainly a mood booster! Show your gratitude to others through a simple “thank you,” a heart-felt note, or other personal ways to show appreciation.

2. Form true friendships.

It’s easy to “like” someone’s facebook post or maintain a strictly work relationship; it is much more difficult to take that extra step and become lasting friends with someone. Put yourself out there and spend quality time with others. It prolongs and enriches your life.

3. Do what you love as often as you can.

Try to find employment in a field you love. If you can’t, try to do the things you are great at in the job you do have. If you are an excellent teacher, find a way to train your colleagues. If you love event planning, volunteer to head up the company’s next holiday party or social event.

4. Actively pursue your goals.

Don’t just dream about the future–do something about it. Turn your goals into small action steps and celebrate each time one is completed.

5. Be a giver.

Give back, in any way you can. Give your time, your money, and your resources to others or your community. Find an organization you are passionate about and get involved, or simply find ways to help others. Through giving you can find a sense of purpose, and gratitude for what you do have.

6. Don’t focus on “stuff.”

We all know it– material things won’t make us happy, but it is hard to live out. Focus on experiences and relationships instead.

7. Live the way


want to live.

Don’t live your life trying to meet the expectations of others. Be true to yourself, chase your goals, and just be you.





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