Healthy Habits

We are all creatures of habit. Maybe you always put your right leg in your pants before your left, or always eat the same breakfast. Of course, some habits make us more successful, while others do not! Many people have polled those who are highly successful for their “tricks of the trade.” Here are a few habits you should consider adopting!

1. Don’t check email first thing.

Focusing on projects, goals, and prioritizing before opening the dreaded inbox can make for a much more pleasant and productive day. It allows you to take charge of what you want to get done, before allowing others to have a say in it.

2. Start positive!

Make it a point to begin your day on the right note. Do what you need to do to feel optimistic about your day– drink coffee, meditate, exercise, or get up early enough to have some “you” time.

3. Eliminate distractions.

There are so many things you can distract yourself with, and many times this can disguise itself as multitasking. Focus on one task at a time.

4. Ask yourself “does this need to be done at all?”

Instead of rushing through a task, first ask yourself if it absolutely need to be done. If it can wait, wait until you can devote the time it deserves.

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