Home Remedies for Sickness


With another month or so of sick season, we are constantly hearing people share home remedies for various illnesses, whether at the office, on Facebook, or in the grocery store. We thought we’d share a few we have come across, some just for fun, while others make sense.

Curing a cold

  • Put Vapo-rub on your feet before bed before putting socks on for clearing up congestion and preventing coughs
  • Drink sassafras tea to shorten the length of the cold
  • Slice some onions and wear them around your neck– you might want to save this for a sick day at home!
  • Chicken noodle soup– There might be something to this, especially if you add some garlic cloves. The broth helps you get fluids, which are important, and the heat can clear up congestion.
  • Eat pomegranates
  • Swallow some cloves of garlic (don’t chew)–mix it with honey if needed.

Lowering a fever

  • Soak 2 cloths in egg whites, put on the soles of your feet, and then put socks on. The egg whites are supposed to draw the temperature down to the feet.
  • Place some slices onions in your socks (raw) then sleep with them touching your feet. They will be cooked when you wake up!
  • Put rubbing alcohol on the inside of elbows and knees and on the forehead and neck

Stinky feet

  • Brew two tea bags in one quart of warm water. Soak your feet for ten minutes. The tannic acid in tea takes away the odor.
  • Take .50 mg of zinc a day every day for two weeks.

Have any tried and true natural remedies? Share them in the comments below!

(Remember to always consult your doctor about any serious illnesses or very high fevers.)


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