How to Crave the Good Stuff

Have you ever met someone who claims to


salads, legumes, and whole grains?! It may seem like an impossibility, but there are actually some steps you can take to train your brain to want more healthful foods.

1. Stop buying the bad stuff! If you love candy bars, don’t keep them around in your cupboards to tempt you–you’ll eat them, of course. Treat yourself on special occasions, but only buy a small amount and get rid of the extras.

2. Eat your favorite “bad” foods in the middle of your meal. Experts have found that you’ll associate the food you eat first in your meal with satisfaction, and the last food you eat is of course the one you remember. Eat that unhealthy food you love right in the middle of your meal so it is not the most memorable.

3. Keep healthy snacks close at hand. Carry around nutritious snacks so you won’t be tempted to grab chocolate or fried foods while you are out. Along the same lines, don’t grocery shop hungry. You’ll end up with extra food and unnecessary treats in your cart.

By decreasing how often you eat your craved foods, when you do treat yourself, you may find that they are too rich for you. If your body is used to eating a more healthy diet, you may not end up wanting to eat the fast foods or desserts that you previously craved–and if you do want them, they will have become a treat, rather than a habit.

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