Is a bad bite affecting your sleep?


A misaligned bite, technically called a malocclusion, can lead to snoring, TMJ issues, or sleep apnea. A bad bite can have numerous causes: genetics, missing teeth, tonsils or adenoids blocking the airway, thumb-sucking, an accident, and so on. Whatever the cause, the misaligned bite can cause issues that impact your appearance, from the shape of your face to your smile, and your sleep.

How can a bad bite wreak havoc on your sleep? It is most likely due to your tongue’s positioning in your mouth. Your bite may force your tongue to a spot where it blocks your airway, causing the volume of air you are receiving to be lessened.

If you think your bite may be the cause of your sleep issues, contact us! As an adult, the solution does not need to be years of braces. We look forward to consulting with you about your options.


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