It’s a new year…time to lose weight?!

As we ring in 2012 in just a few short days, will you be resolving (again) to lose weight in the coming year?

Weight loss is the most common New Year’s Resolution in the United States. Retailers cash in by offering deals and incentives on exercise equipment and programs right after Christmas. Gyms and weight loss centers also offer deals and sign-on bonuses to entice people to join in the new year. All of those leftover holiday goodies don’t help either!

Unfortunately, many people begin the year with good intentions, but fall off the wagon quickly as life catches up. It is not a rule, but generally those weight loss resolutions do not result in success–but why?

1. Knowing you’ll be on a diet come January 1st results in binge eating over the holidays.

Many people indulge in a last “hurrah” over the holiday season once they have decided to go on a diet of the new year. They eat more sweets and junk food than normal, which makes it more difficult to stop, as well as packs on more pounds.

2. Diets generally don’t work.

If you make drastic changes to your eating habits in order to lose weight, that weight comes back as soon as you resume eating normally (which most people do). If you cut out carbs, you may lose quite a few pounds very quickly, but chances are, you will begin eating them again. Instead, make a conscious effort to make healthful choices at each meal, including fruits, vegetables and lean meats–with the occasional sweet or indulgence.

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3. It hasn’t worked in the past.

Many people resolve to lose weight in the new year more than once in their lifetime–and have failed more than once in their lifetime. This results in a sense of defeat, as well as the underlying question of what went wrong. People begin to think they lack willpower or the ability to lose weight if they fail to maintain weight loss year after year.

Rather than making a new year’s resolution to diet, make healthier choices starting today, and vow to continue that into the new year. Instead of depriving yourself, eat mostly healthy foods, but allow yourself to have your favorite food every once in awhile–in moderation!

Have a happy and healthy holiday weekend!

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