Johnny the bagger

In order to stay on top of new trends in dentistry and the cutting-edge of guest care, the All Smiles team closes down the office twice a month for team training. This past meeting was our annual team training, which is a full day. It is always great to take some time to reconnect as a team and refocus on what is important to us: how to give our guests the best care possible. This past week we talked about a true story of an extraordinary individual, Johnny the bagger, as a wonderful example of guest care to learn from as a team. Johnny is an individual with down’s syndrome that changed an entire grocery store with his example of thoughtful guest care by writing an inspiring “thought of the day” and placing it in each grocery bag he filled throughout the day. Word of this “thought of the day” got out, and quickly Johnny’s grocery line was three times larger than the others because everyone wanted Johnny’s thought for that day. This simple gesture inspired other team members and revitalized the entire grocery store Johnny worked for. Check out the pictures and video about Johnny here…

This kind of special care is a great example of what we try to do each time a guest comes into our office. We want to find ways to make that visit special, just like Johnny did for those coming through his grocery line. So, we leave you with a thought for the day:

The world always looks brighter from behind a smile. ~Author Unknown

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