Keep the M.e.r.r.y in Christmas

Tis the season to wear your fat pants? The holidays don’t need to be a time to ruin all your hard work and healthy eating from all year long. Take our five simple tips this December and don’t add anything new to your waistline.

Make time for exercise: Even though there are so many things to do this month, don’t neglect your exercise regime. Make time for physical activity at least twice a week. It will help you de-stress and feel better about yourself, as well as prevent extra holiday pounds.

Exercise portion control. At holiday parties, you don’t need to deprive yourself of your favorite treats. Just practice moderation at the buffet and take little tastes of the good (and bad) stuff. And don’t arrive starving, or you may overeat. Try and have a healthy snack such as yogurt or fruit before you leave.

Rest up. It is no secret that sleep is a component to a healthy lifestyle, so don’t run yourself ragged with events, traveling, and shopping.

Realistic–as in be realistic in your holiday health goals. Don’t begin a new diet December 1st and expect to be successful, but do try and keep on track.

and finally

give yourself a break. This is the time to celebrate family and friends, and create memories–not stress about calories and waistlines. Make holiday health fun by engaging your family and friends in winter walks or trying out new, healthier recipes together.

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