Keep your teeth healthy for the holidays!


No one wants an emergency visit to the dentist interrupting their holiday festivities. Keep your teeth looking their best and avoid emergency dental situations with the following holiday tips!

  • If you will be partaking in sugary treats, brush afterwards, or swish with water if there isn’t an opportunity to brush.
  • Call your dentist to schedule an appointment for any nagging pain or aches in your mouth before you take that holiday trip. There is nothing worse than trying to get into a dental office out of town for an emergency visit.
  • Be timely with your treats! Many a dental emergency has resulted from a stale cookie or gummy candy!
  • For teeth that sparkle in office party photos, avoid dark beverages such as cola or red wine. Staining can occur quickly .
  • Holiday stress can cause grinding of teeth or clenching of the jaw, both of which can cause headaches and tooth damage. Consult with your dentist about a mouth guard if you tend towards grinding or clenching when stress gets the best of you.
  • Back all dental hygiene essentials for trips in your carry-on bag. You never know when an unexpected layover or delay can leave you stranded without a toothbrush. Freshly brushed teeth can do wonders in making you feel more put together and awake.
  • Keep floss picks in your purse or pockets for any unexpected mishaps.
  • Eating carbohydrate-rich or sugar-filled foods as part of a larger, more balanced meal lessens the impact on your teeth. Your mouth produces more saliva to wash away the food before it sticks to your teeth.

Most of all, remember to step back and enjoy the holiday season!

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