Living in a Boomerang World

Original article, “Living in a Boomerang World,” written by Tim Wright, Ph.D.

a boomerang hanging in All Smiles Care, stating "A smile sent will always return."

      All Smiles Care recently held a team meeting and staff development surrounding the concept of a “boomerang world.” It’s really a simple concept, but one that can fundamentally affect the way you treat others and what you get out of life. The bottom line is this–whatever you put out in the world is most often what you receive back in return. If you throw out joy, you often receive joy in return–just like when you throw out a boomerang, and it comes right back to you. If you throw out complaints, people will often share their complaints with you, or you may attract negative people. If you are unkind to people, often they will be unkind right back.

The choice is yours though. Will you throw out happiness, money given to others, and joy? Or will you throw out negativity, complaints, and unkindness? It depends on what you want to get out of life. Often times you receive much more back than you ever give out in the first place. If you give away your money, time, or talents, you may find yourself receiving back more later on than you ever gave away.

We look forward to putting this idea into practice in our professional and personal lives, and hope this is a great reminder for everyone reading as well.

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